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Santa Fe Neighborhood Overview

The City of Santa Fe is traditionally described as having 4 city quadrants, the SE, NE, NW and SW quadrants, each containing various and distinct neighborhoods.  Beyond each city quadrant lies SE, NE, NW and SW Santa Fe County and each of these country quadrants also contains numerous distinct neighborhoods.

Below is a listing of some of the neighborhoods in each quadrant with links to detailed neighborhood profiles.  This portion of the blog will be updated frequently as new neighborhoods are reviewed and profiled.

SE City Quadrant 

  • Historic Eastside
  • Canyon Road
  • Old Pecos Trail
  • Old Santa Fe Trail
  • Museum Hill
  • Sol y Lomas
  • Campo Conejos
  • Quail Run Condos
  • Guadalupe Historic District
  • South Capital
  • St. John’s College area
  • Wilderness Gate
SE Santa Fe County 

NW City Quadrant 

  • Casa Solana
  • Zocolo
  • Monte Sereno
NW Santa Fe County 

NE Santa Fe City 

NE Santa Fe County 

  • Village of Tesuque
  • Pacheco Canyon Road
  • Los Caminitos
  • Vista Redonda
  • Chupadero
  • Rio En Medio
  • Pueblo Encantado
SW Santa Fe City 

SW Santa Fe County